Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Spice Village, Kondapur

The Spice Village, Kondapur,

Phone number 040

The Spice Village Reviews

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  1. yes,spicy but i think it is the theme of the restaurant,but a meaningful place ,value for money,
    good quality,consistent,ive visited it last 2 monthsalmost weekly once.
    this all about kondpur blog is great hope it catches up like fire and eveery body uses it

  2. There is not available your contact no

  3. i had a wrong impression.i stepped into their kitchen
    it was amazing ,my idea changed towards the place.very well maintained kitchen

  4. this place is for ppl who like to eat chillies and thats all...if they wud have been in US I wud have sued them for serving such idiotic food

  5. Very expensive...Bad Sevice..Not value for money

  6. food is great ,prices r not that expensive compared to other places ,i think their name is spicy ,but at the same time telugu non veg is supposed to be spicy....

  7. gr8 place to dine

  8. i checked out many places it is at par with many famous eateries

  9. Never ever order home delivery from Spice Village. You may be cheated like me. I ordered six tandoori roti, dal fry and mix veg but was delivered only 3 tandoori rotis , dal fry and mix veg. I paid the full bill to the delivery boy but when I opened the packet, I was surprised to see 3 rotis instaed of 6.Immediately I called delivery boy and told the whole story but he refused to come back and told me to contact restaurant directly. On contacting restaurant, they promised to send rest of rotis but it didn't reach to me after waiting for 45 mins. I called them again...they lied saying that they delivered 6 rotis.I told that ask your delivery boy that I made him aware of the facts just after delivery.Then the delivery boy came on phone and refused that I told him anything and they kept the phone.Never ever go for SPICE VILLAGE...they are big cheaters...

    1. Amit .. what happened afer that. Did you get your money back

  10. It is the place where we can spice up all our taste buds

  11. i just fell in love with this restaurant taste.. just superb!!!!! yummy! and like mom food.....

  12. Arun Kumar
    its oswam no need to elaborate much more about that.


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