Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Haveli Restaurant & Bar Kondapur, Club 8 Bar Kondapur

Haveli Restaurant & Bar, #148 Beside Kothaguda Post Office, Commercial Complex,
Kondapur, Beside Harsha Tayota Car Show Room, Hyderabad, 500019

040 23122222

Haveli Restaurant Reviews

I should say that food taste is next to fantastic. The serving is not great nor the ambience
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  1. Bar One at Kondapur is Hell. Waiters managers are not at all good. They hit the customers once the bill is paid. Such a bad place to visit. I stronlgy suggest not to visit that place.

  2. club 8 is the sexy place for guys is great and the dj plays good music tats me ......so no more words to say...............

  3. Club 8...
    Pathetic pathetic service...
    Taste of food is worst..
    moreover, food is not fresh..
    Seating arrangement is not comfortable..
    and you need to pay first, every time you order.

  4. dnt drink n dine dere....
    Traffic thullas waitng fr u in...parking lot only....
    Impose u a court case...u wil b mentally n phsically b destroyed..
    As i was..

  5. Worst place I have been too. Waiters steal your mobile phone. They stole my blackberry and they were saying it is not their responsibility. When I reported to the manager he was saying go and compalin to Police and do whatever you want. They forget that customers are the one who pay their salaries....

  6. Dear All,

    There is a wonderfull place @ Kothaguda X Roads and I bet you wont have any complaints as above.
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