Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Occasion Paite Pooja - Kondapur

Occasion Paite Pooja, P.G.Road (6569 2222), Kondapur

This is next to Haveli - Kondapur

Delhi food at Kondapur, Occasion Paile Pooja, P.G.Road (6569 2222), Kondapur

Small Restaurants in Kondapur

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  1. great food, can eat everyday. it has another branch in madhopur also its big place n good. food is same at all paite pooja n tasty, that what counts. everyone shud try. who so ever likes delhi-food wl luv it 4 sure.

  2. the phoe no.provided here is of secunderabad paite pooja branch.
    kondapur branch's no is 04065194444

  3. The Phone number is now Changed. It is 3295 4645.

    Happy Eating..


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