Monday, July 6, 2009

Share Autos of Hyderabad

Sixty Percent Women Reservation in Hyderabad

If there is anything that Hyderabad can be proud of, it is the Sixty percent reservation for Women is Share Autos (Service Autos). The autos, which are not specially re-designed accommodate a minimum of five passengers (and the maximum can go upto seven) excluding the Pilot

(Hitech Employees jostling for an Auto rickshaw)

In most cases the back/rear seats (Are Yaar! Auto has only back seat) are reserved for Women allowing two masculine souls to be precariously perched on either side of the pilot

It is a terrific view to watch laptop-holding men hanging to the aisle of the auto much to the amusement of fairer sex companions seated behind!

Some autos also have a first-officer, who does nothing! He also doubles himself as the passenger, steward and ground-traffic control.

There are pick from your spot facility too. all you need to stand in the middle of the road and the autos will rush to pick you up from the spot leaving some hundreds of vehicles blaring!!!

All in all, Share Autos in Hyderabad are a wonderful experience, which every Indian should undergo!

Watch out this blog for many wonderful photos
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