Monday, July 6, 2009

Ice Factory to your door-step - Hyderabad Info Sys Company

These days IT Companies are doing anything to enthuse employees. This is an initiative taken by HR executives (52% of them are from Harvard, 30% from Wharton) of one such company. Ice Factory to your door-step
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  1. It looks like Infortech Enterprises. this might be part of their annual day buffet

  2. Definitely it is Wipro or Patni. This would be in their lawn and the bandi is official one. The logo will be on the other side.

    Giuys why r u against infosys . u can come and see our cafetaria .. it wl be bettr than ur worlk place

  3. Hey it is surely Kolkatta based company. This 'vehichle' is trademark of bengaal. Budadeb would have permitted these vehcles to IT parks else mamada didi wuld have protested hahaha

  4. The crazy blogger has posted it as Hyderabad Info company. Frm where Kolkatta comes into picture. I feel Andra is becoming like anotjer Kerala. Lot of educated with littel comon sense

  5. This is Hyderabad only. This kind of shops are near Hyundai Motor India Engineering (HMIE) new offiice near hitech city railway stasion

  6. Pawan! Ypu are most welcome to Kolkatta and see the development in your own eys. You can type Salt Lake City in Google Earth and Images and know it


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