Friday, August 6, 2010

Capital IQ, Madhapur, Hitech City, Hyderabad

CapitalIQ, Hyderabad is located in the Satyam building opposite to Jayabheri Silicon County

Hitech City Rd, Madhapur
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
040 66667163

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  1. hey friends this is my office in kondapur................ cool na...............

    1. Hai My Name is venkat, I completed my mba in the year 2012, I would like know the process of attending the interview in capital iq, So tell me about the interview process or how to approach the company, my name email is, send me the information plz, i will be waiting for your reply

  2. Cool .. this was once Satyam SDE

  3. hi friend this is my friend office in kondapur.. oka na...

    1. This is Good Building

  4. hi i have completed my i want to join in capital iq how? what is the process please call me and tell me@9290234134 this is ravikiran

  5. mr ravi u can send ur resume ti capital iq company mail id..
    search in online...

  6. Hello sir,
    My Name is Abhinay, I completed my MBA in the year of 2012, I would like to know the process of attending the interview in Capital IQ, So tell me about the interview process or how to approach the company, my email id is,please be needful to me.

    Thanking you,

    With Regards,

  7. Hi friends i am an mba graduate completed recently in 2013 and i want to know the procedure to attend an interview in capital iq so please send me your views @ or by call/sms @ 9652519942
    Thank u...

  8. Why do you people want to join CIQ? its not a great place... Once you get into the company, you are STUCK!! it is very very tough to move out to another company.
    The work is stagnant. The pay is low. Promotions are tough to come by. Lots of over time!

  9. To,
    The respected sir,
    My name is p.v.Siva please capital-IQ interview conducting details,send to my Email id ,
    i am waiting for you


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