Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Guru Purnima @ Kondapur Sai Temple - 25th July 2010 - All are Welcome

Guru Purnima poojs is held in Kondapur Sai Temple on 25th July 2010. The pooja starts from 5:00 am followed by hymns, archanas and aarti.

The temple will be open till 10:00 pm on that day.

There is also an Annadanam arranged for more than 1000 bhaktas in temple premises.

Since this is a Sunday, please come with your family and get Baba's blessings

For any info regarding Aarti, annadanam please contact following numbers:

Baba Swamy (Temple Priest): 97043 68648
Sudhir : 99854 86394
Sangveji : 96184 61777

US Devotees can call
Rameshwar (Guruji) : 001 408 759 0490

Jai Sai Ram
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