Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Ladies Tailor (Madhapur, Kondapur)

Mahitas Tailors / Dress Makers - Madhapur


H:No: 1-90/2/G,
Beside Domino's Pizza,
Madhapur Main road,
Hitech city,
Hyderabad- 500 081
Andhra Pradesh

Telephone: 040-23112456

Mobile: 09297152535



Opening Hours: 9:30 A.M to 8:30 P.M

Sunday & Holidays 10:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M
5:00 P.M to 8: 00 P.M

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  1. Is this a joke? Mahitas? good tailors? huh! You are wrong.Mahitas is the worst in terms of customer care and much more.They have a reputation these days for ruining dresses.And if you complain them for that, they talk rude and give you a dont care attitude.They charge exorbitantly just for stitching and you can imagine how much they would charge if there's some pattern.Its the worst in Madhapur i think.

  2. I would like to disagree when you say that Mahitas is a good tailor shop in Madhapur.These days they are developing the reputation of rude behaviour, bad quality stitching.On top of it they charge you like a hi fi boutique for nothing

  3. I dont know about mahitas but SLN tailors just above Nandini Cafe opp. Keshav reddy at Madhapur stitches really well.

  4. i have been to saina clothing recently even they r good in terms of patterns and designs

  5. Mahithas is horrible. The people in the reception are so rude and owner is least bothered. The qualtiy of stiching is bad, they talk rudely with customers.I have never seen someone behave so rudely with their customers. Most of my hostel mates have stopped going to Mahitha's. The most hopeless shop in madhapur. Once all the people realize this and stop going to tht store they will realize the value of customers.

  6. They are the worst tailors I have ever seen. They have got the perception that customers will come to them no matter how they treat them. Do not step in this shop please.

  7. uve put ur leg in crap if u hav given ur clothes here for tailoring.

  8. pathetic tailor.. please do not ever go to mahitas..

  9. Very BAD experience with Mehtas. Probably they exchange the measurements. The WORST tailor I must say. Please do not step in this shop. You will end up wasting your dress material.

  10. I'm going through the same, It is horrible experience too much of stress handling them...

  11. I would say that Mahitas is WORSE THAN THE WORST.
    Firstly, they should not be called tailors, they have just managed to buy some outlet space and later did not know what to do with that, so they started a tailoring shop.
    Secondly, they make you wait for freaking 15min just to look at you even when they have absolutely nothing else to do.
    Thirdly, they stitch your dress in a way they want to, not in a way that you want them to. I think they do perms and combis with measurements and just stitch it off.
    All in all, its a total waste of time. You shouldn't be going there unless you want to mess up your day and dress.
    Why are we talking about it anyway :D
    Pick any other tailors and it would be far better than Mahitas , any day any time.

  12. Anyway I have never heard even a single positive comment about Mahitas. Hundreds of negative feedback from everyone. Why am I even here ! :D

  13. Its the worst tailor.. the guys there take all unnecessary measurements.. Not professional...


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